Essential soft skills training and credentialing

The Florida Ready to Work - Soft Skills solution features highly interactive digital training focused on in-demand employability skills including conveying professionalism, communicating effectively, teamwork and collaboration, and thinking critically and solving problems.

Each fully narrated module includes a pre-test, career contextualized direct instruction, and a post-test to measure learning gains. Embedded practice and decision tree activities engage learners and reinforce understanding of concepts. Employers share in their own words why soft skills matter. Scripted scenario-based videos demonstrate the 'worst' and 'best' responses to relatable workplace situations.

The online training is self-paced and accessible from any digital device anywhere anytime. The training is also easily integrated as a classroom, lab or extension activity. For staff-assisted or classroom-based implementation, companion whole group activities, individual practice, and culminating capstone project are offered to further advance skill development.

A one-hour, online proctored assessment validates mastery of skills. Those who pass the assessment earn the Florida Ready to Work - Soft Skills Credential which is issued by the State of Florida and signed by the Governor.

Soft Skills Credential
Communicating Effectively - Soft Skills

Teamwork - Worst Response

Teamwork - Best Response

Florida Soft Skills Training

The four essential soft skills modules include:

  • Conveying Professionalism – Dependability, courtesy, attitude, motivation, personal accountability, and time management. 
  • Communicating Effectively – Verbal and nonverbal communication and listening; use of communication tools including email etiquette, cell phone, and social networking; resolving conflict; and acknowledging criticism.
  • Promoting Teamwork and Collaboration – Teamwork skills and interactions, benefits of diversity and sensitivity to differences, accepting responsibility, and leadership.
  • Thinking Critically and Solving Problems – Innovation, creativity, flexibility, overcoming adversity, goal setting, and critical thinking strategies.