Digital Skills training and credentialing 

Current research indicates nearly 1 in 3 workers lack the foundational digital literacy skills now required for most jobs across all industries.


For 2023-24, Florida Ready to Work has added a new digital skills solution targeting in-demand foundational technology skills including computer operations, internet browsing, creating and sharing digital documents, and using common digital communication and security tools.

The solution includes five modules of free, online, self-paced digital skills training. The training is accessible from any computer or tablet any place, anytime. 

A one-hour, online proctored assessment validates mastery of skills. Those who pass the assessment earn the Florida Ready to Work - Digital Skills Credential which is issued by the State of Florida and signed by the Governor.

Individuals who earn the Florida Ready to Work – Digital Skills Credential have mastered skills in five main areas:

  • Computer Operations – ability to identify different types of devices, parts of a computer, software applications, and operate computers in a professional setting.
  • Internet Browsing – ability to connect to the internet, navigate the world wide web, and identify and use different browsers.
  • Digital Communications – ability to identify and use digital communication tools such as email, video conferencing, instant messaging, and social media in a professional setting.
  • Digital Documents – ability to use and create common workplace digital documents, such as word processing documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations, online forms, and shared documents.
  • Digital Security – understand the purpose of security policies and procedures, password security, privacy settings, security software, and VPNs and their importance in the workplace. 


The five core skillsets measured by the Florida Ready to Work – Digital Skills solution were derived from research into different states’ standards for digital literacy and the most prevalent technology skills and tools as defined by the US Department of Labor’s O*NET occupations database. Employers and workforce stakeholders were consulted for feedback on the most current needs in the field for technology skills improvement. Earning the Florida Ready to Work – Digital Skills Credential allows learners and job seekers to show future employers that they have the basic technological skills to succeed in any occupation.