Florida Soft Skills

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Florida Ready to Work

"Employers across industry sectors including UF Health, C2C Innovative Solutions, Portion Pac, Rayonier Advanced Materials, and Palatka Health report direct return on investment including double digit reductions in new hire training time and turnover. We believe in the value so strongly that we require our own prospective employees to earn the Florida Ready to Work Credential."

Bruce Ferguson, Jr.

President, CareerSource Northeast Florida

Florida Ready to Work helps employers make better hiring decisions, by training and then certifying jobseekers have the foundational employability skills for the job.

Florida Ready to Work gives participating employers a competitive-edge:

    • Reduces employee turnover
    • Reduces new hire training costs
    • Saves hiring time and money, increasing productivity and profitability

Employers can also use the career readiness tools to develop the skills of their current employees – for free!

Become a Florida Ready to Work employer partner simply by:

RECOGNIZING the credential, starting today, as proof of foundational employability skills when attached to a resume or shared by a potential new hire. Tell your human resources team about Florida Ready to Work and how to use it.

REQUESTING the credential from job applicants. Start including 'Florida Ready to Work Preferred' in your job announcements. If jobseekers don’t have the credential, refer them to a local Florida Ready to Work implementation partner or become an implementation partner yourself.

To get started, just contact us at customerservice@floridareadytowork.com.