There is STILL Time!

In the coming months, you may be hosting opportunities for your students to connect with local employers and secondary education opportunities. Wouldn’t it be great if you could give them one more tool to help them prepare?

The Florida Soft Skills Credential is an excellent way to help students get ready for job fairs, summer jobs, internships, and their next step. And there is still time!

To earn the Florida Soft Skills Credential, students only need to sit for 1 one-hour assessment. Take one class period between now and the end of the year to have your students sit for the assessment and earn the Florida Soft Skills Credential.

And don’t forget Florida Ready to Work is offering an Implementation Partner Payment till June 30! For every unduplicated credential earned per student, $10 in discretionary funding is awarded to the school district / school. (Up to $20 per student available.) 

Just announced, for every 50 Florida Ready to Work Credentials or Florida Soft Skills Credentials earned by a school, an additional $250 bonus payment will be added to the Implementation Partner Payment. 

Ready to get started? Need help finalizing implementation? Contact your Implementation Consultant today! 

Implementation Innovation - Duval County Schools 

After surveying their business community, Duval County Public Schools learned that local employers, much like employers across the nation, were demanding talent be equipped with essential soft skills. Responding to employer demand, Duval County Public Schools identified the Florida Ready to Work program as the solution. 

Click here to learn how Duval County Public Schools is using Florida Ready to Work to respond to employers' needs.