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Florida Ready to Work is a job skills testing and credentialing program. It provides jobseekers with the Florida Ready to Work Credential, signed by Governor Rick Scott, which certifies that the jobseeker has the ability and skills to succeed on the job.

The benefits of the Florida Ready to Work program to the employer are immense. To the employer, the program takes the guesswork out of the hiring process, reduces employee turnover by hiring the right person with the right skills for the job the first time, and reduces employee training costs.

A trained job profiler will go to your company. The profiler will gather a group of employees in the job you wish to have profiled. Job incumbents in that position will be chosen to be Subject Matter Experts, who will define the tasks and skills used to perform their job successfully.

The result of conducting a job profile is a customized report listing all the job-related tasks, skills and corresponding skill levels required for that job.

Employers can use the job profile information and match it with jobseeker’s scores on the assessments to make sound decisions regarding hiring and training needs.


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